A new way of experiencing the dining scene

Discover how you can dine at your favorite restaurant while in the comfort of your own home

1. Arrival

We bring the restaurant to you

The team will arrive an hour in advance with all the elements needed to transform your house into their restaurant.

  • Tableware, silverware, and linens
  • Pots, pans, and any other appliances they may need
2. Service

We take care of every detail

Relax and enjoy just as you would in the restaurant, but from the comfort of your own home.

  • Every dish and every wine pairing is explained
  • Every event is special, we adjust our service depending on the occasion.
3. Farewell

Everything will be left spotless

The team will pick-up their equipment, and say their goodbyes once the kitchen is spotless.

  • Clean-up of every house area used
  • All cookware and tableware will be picked up

How do we move the restaurant to your home?

Each chefs' vision

Chef Ricardo Sanz


At The Kabuki group we are extremely lucky to have been able to share diverse typers of experiences with our clients at different times in their lives, such as enjoying a realaxing setting with Kabuki and Kabuki Wellington, going on vacations with Abama Kabuki and Kabuki Raw, going to the airport with Kirei in Barajas, Ibiza or Malaga during their trips, Kuenko in the City of Telefónica at a working environment, which all have allowed us to get to know our guests better and thus be able to give them a better offer and service every single time. We are now very grateful to have found Take a Restaurant because it allows us to get to the home of our clients, something that we have dreamed of and now we can call a reality.

Elisabeth Horcher


At Horcher, going the extra mile for our guests in order to achieve excellence is the most important thing. Take a Restaurant is our way of being close to them. Serving food of the highest quality, and plating in a delicate way will always be part of our brand, but now we are personalizing our full service for each and every one of our guests at their own home. Every single Take A Restaurants' services will be something unique and special.

Hugo Muñoz


Umo is a different place. We define ourselves as a Spanish and Japanese fusion restaurant, and in between, there are many things. We are excited about the high-quality ingredients we are able to find in the local markets, and the daily process of looking for the best that the suppliers have to offer has become our way of thanking and cherishing our guests. Being able to transport our restaurant to our client's home, in such an intimate space, motivates us even more. It is the dram of any chef to be able to generate this kind of link with a customer.

Roberto Ruiz

MX Roberto Ruiz & Salón Cascabel

When we opened Punto MX in Madrid, we never wanted to transfer something 100% authentic to Mexico, we didn't see the point. First, because my chefs’ heart makes me want create and innovate and secondly, because we could not deny that we were in Spain and we needed to opened up to a new and exciting pantry. What we had very clear is that we wanted to move the soul of Mexico to Spain, and that vision has become our obsession in all of our projects. Now at our clients houses? Well of course! They will live Mexico for a day.

Mario Sandoval

Coque & Coquetto

Take a Restaurant brings the experience, flavors and creativity of Coque & Coquetto to our clients personal table, allowing us to be close to them! Wow. Not to mention, it is a way for us to speak through our cuisine outside of our own roof.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the experience cost?

The price of each menu adds up to what you would pay at the restaurant if you were to be there. The service charge is intended to cover personel and transportation cost, and you will see this specified before confirming the reservation. The service charge depend on the number of chefs and waiters leaving the restaurant, which will depend on the number of guests in each reservation.

What if I have an allergy or intolerance?

You will be able to specify any allergies or intolerances before confirming the reservation. In addition to that, we will contact you to verify these important details before the service so that the restaurant can adapt the menu and ensure you enjoy the experience without any inconvenience.

Are beverages included?

The menus normally include a beverage pairing. Nonetheless, this will always be specified within each offer. In case you want to include additional pairings or cocktails, please contact us and we'll make sure it happens!

Will the restaurant use my kitchen?

The team will use your stovetop and oven, if available. We will reach out to you before the service in order to confirm this items are available.

Are there children menus available?

All our menus are meant for adults, and we do not have children options available.

Cancellation policy

This is a critical aspect of our service, and we are very precocious with the time and availability of each the restaurants in our platform. That is why, the following cancellation policy is in place:

  • A reservation cancelled up to 15 prior to the booking: will receive a 100% refund
  • A reservation cancelled 5 days prior to the booking: will receive a 50% refund
  • A reservation cancelled less than 5 days prior to the service: will not be eligible for a refund